Trinity System. This system revolves around the abilities that lay dormant within each and every human. Powers that stem from the body, the mind and the life-force of the user, powers without any limit. Do you have what it takes to master the Trinity System?

Trinity's Qualities Edit

The Trinity system is based on three basic qualities:

Earth/Chi: (地) The basic aura that a human's body creates. Fundamentally, it enhances a person's abilities. If used passively, it offers a boost of strength, defense, speed, stamina. If trained, it can lead the user down to two seperate roads. Chi: Martial and Chi: Beast. The first one gives a martial artist the perfect boost: a passive that multiplies his abilities, and an aura as hard as steel. The second one allows the user to manipulate his Earth aura to imitate other life forms, creating fangs, claws or other animal parts, and using them is what an Earth: Beast user is best at.

Heaven/Ten: (天) This quality is split in two very distinctive categories: Control and Create. Ten: Control is root to all psychic powers; Telekinesis, Telepathy, Illusions, and other brain-controlling abilities all fall under this category. Ten:Create lets the user conjure anything his imagination can. Materials can be created in a matter of seconds, and the properties of items can be changed at will.

Void/Ku: (空) The last of the qualities is the most vague of the three. Most powers that do not fall under the other two categories are classified as "Ku". However Ku does have one ability available to all, Ku: Element, which allows whoever wields it to control the element of their choosing.

Chi Ku Ten
Exclusive Passive:

Chi's passive focuses on the user's body, and bestows upon the user enhancements to nearly all traits required for survival, increasing the users strength, speed endurance and senses to superhuman levels, while also giving them a pseudo regeneration ability that lets them heal several degrees faster than your average human.

Exclusive Passive

Ku's passive seeks to let the users of ku focus on their sometimes extremely complex abilities and disregard defense entirely. As thus choosing Ku's passive gives one a shield that passively trigger to mitigate damage or flat out block weaker attacks. Grows more durable with Ku mastery and changes according to the user's power.

Exclusive Passive

Ten's passive is perhaps the most versatile of them all, it gives its users the ability to passively interact with the world at a distance, a form of telekinesis. This ability can be used for great effect, especially when used to supplement Ten techniques. This passive further multiplies Ten: Control's telekinetic powers.


Available to all.

Chi: Martial abilities as its name implies are used for martial combat. They can be best described as buffs, and can be applied to anything from the user to the weapons they use and even clothing/armor. These buffs directly affect the performance of the user, by increasing speed, strength, precision and etc. of strikes.


Available to all.

Ku: Element covers the huge range of abilities everyone who can use trinity can perform that utilize common elements of nature. These techniques are perhaps the most common, as your average person who learns trinity will tend to gravitate towards element use out of child like curiosity and awe.


Available to all.

Ten: Creation is perhaps the most versatile of all abilities available to all. It allows its users to create and alter objects. This ability is extremely beneficial to know, as creating weapons and armor is a must to survive for most fighters. It's rumored even life can be created, this is however unknown to be true.


Exclusive to Chi Passive User

Chi: Beast are exclusive techniques to those who dedicate themselves to Chi, it allows its users, by using their aura, to mimic animal abilities. Even seemingly impossible feats for a human can be replicated using one's aura with Chi: Beast to mimic an animal.


Exclusive to Ku Passive User

Ku: Special, cannot be generalized as a set of techniques. As the best way to describe Ku:Special is, everything that doesn't fall into anything else. Sometimes Ku: Special powers can even be imitated by combinations of other abilities to some degree.


Exclusive to Ten Passive User

Ten: Control, are all the abilities commonly associated with espers that are useful to control and affect the world and people in it. These include telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, illusion creation and sometimes even teleportation and telekinetic energy constructs.

Overdrive Edit

The term "Overdrive" refers to an achieved state of power. Trinity System users who achieve what is called "Overdrive" experience a huge increase in potential use of their abilities. Chi users' Martial and Beastly auras either become gigantic or more efficient, Ten: Control users can use their upgraded powers with ease, while Ten: Create users can increase both the quality and quantity of their materials. Ku users experience different Overdrives, depending on their particular set of skills.

Use of powers Edit

A person cannot exceed 100% of the Trinity System. It is called a system for the sole reason that each quality interacts with the other two. If you solely use Earth, that's 100%. If you start using the Ku quality, Chi's percentage drops, and Ku's rises. As powers are used by each user, the sum of the percentage of the use must always be 100%. This is key to creating a system of powers that works, is balanced, and does leave room for improvement. If a quality is used passively, it naturally takes up 5%.

Each human being is born with an incline towards a certain quality. If a person was a natural Ten user, then his powers are stronger, compared to others who use the exact same power, in the exact same percentage.

Initial Plot Edit

In the year 2010, the Trinity System was revealed publicly. For eons, only a few select knew about it, and even fewer actually reached a state of mastery:the Overdrive. Upon release, the world changed, for the better or worse. People all over the globe wanted to learn how to use those powers, in order to make their lives better, and to even abuse them.

The year is now 2015. In these five years, many have quit trying to master this system. Proving to be too much of a challenge to most, only some managed to embark on this journey of achieving power beyond imagination.

In the underground world, the Trinity System has bloomed. In one huge city, many ability users gather, to test themselves and hone their skills. It is in this city that the 100th World Trinity Tournament takes place, and it is in this tournament that our story begins.