Japanese Name: Nykola
Romanized Name: Nykola
English Name: Nykola
First Appearance: N/A
Age: 20
Afiliation: Angel Snake
Chi: 25% - Martial: Gun Combat
Ten: 75% - Creation: Guns + Bullets + Bombs
Ku: 5% - Element: Fire
Passive: Chi

Nykola is one of the members of Angel Snake, and the prominent gun user of the group.


Nykola is a tall man with an average physique. He suffers from a very mild form of albinism which makes his hair and skin extremely pale and his eyes have a slight red tint to them. After unlocking Chi's passive he became able to walk under the sun without any protection.




  System: The Tsar of War  

Nykola's system The Tsar of War is a ten based system that employs the use of ten created guns, bombs and bullets to utterly destroy his opponents. Due to his roots the system is named with the title of tsar, a russian title equivalent of emperor.


Nykola employs chi to not only live comfortably but also to fight. By boosting his aim and the power of his bullets with Chi he makes his guns even deadlier than they already are. With the advent of Chi most gun wielders have become unable to compete with the extremely mobile combat of trinity users but Nykola does not let that stop him.


His main focus on the trinity system is ten. With ten:create Nykola is able to create any gun he knows of, and can imagine. He regularly creates pistols to fight the weakest opponents, but is known to summon up submachine guns and anti-tank sniper riffles against powerful foes.

Also in his arsenal of creation with ten includes especially made bullets that pierce harder and fly better, non lethal smoke bombs, EMP-grenades, combat knives, Molotov cocktails, barbed wire, and other things.


Nykola barely uses Ku while fighting but is known to increase the lethality of his molotov cocktails by using his own aura to intensify the fire, or to coat his knife or bullets with flames.


Unknown if attained, presumed to be gun related if done.