Japanese Name:
Romanized Name: Ku
English Name: Void
First Appearance: ???
Associated With: Life Force
Focus: Supernatural abilities-


Ku's passive is the most interesting and complicated of the passives, in that it actively changes according to the user who picks it and what powers they tap into in Ku. As such the passive can only be defined as a shield, that functions differently depending on the user.

Ku's passive unlike the other two did not seem to bring about any substantial change in the world, as the shield doesn't play much of a part in every day life as the other two might, as such ku users are rare among those that merely unlocked trinity for quality of life change.

Ku: ElementEdit

Ku: Element is an extremely common application of the trinity system as it puts everyone in awe when utilizing it, since it allows its users to manipulate create and control the elements themselves. While a lot of elements are available for everyone to use some find themselves more attuned to only one.

People who find themselves wielding the elements in combat more than any other part of the trinity system are known to have a Ku passive that mimics the element in question. It's said that those who control the elements in high enough level will have them jump to their aid without command, possibly as a result of their ku passive.

A list of elements possible to create and control with ku includes:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Rocks
  • Soil
  • Wind
  • Ice
  • Electricity


Not much is known of how overdrive works for Ku: Element.

Ku: SpecialEdit

In the trinity system very few things are as mysterious in their working as Ku: Special, as the techniques said to be from this list are so unrelated and different to one another that defining it is nearly impossible. As such Ku: Special is often understood as any supernatural ability that does not fall under the domain of any other categorization.


Not much is known of how overdrive works for Ku: Special.