Jason L. Magnus
Magnus in Trinity
Japanese Name: Magnus L. Jason
Romanized Name: Magunusu Eru. Jeison.
English Name: Jason L. Magnus
First Appearance: N/A
Age: 18
Chi: 30% - Chi: Martial:Barehanded and Sword.
Ten: 50% - Ten: Control.
Ku: 20% - Ku: Elements: Fire (10%) , Electricity (5%), Water (5%)
Passive: Ten

Jason L. Magnus is a rookie Trinity System user that aspires to become a doctor and a martial artist. He participates in the World Trinity Championship to test his skills and learn valuable experiences, though he does have a secret agenda. He takes pride in his smarts and in his Trinity System, which he has dubbed "Tensai", or "Genius".

Appearance Edit

Magnus is a tall young man, standing at around 1,90 meters. He has black hair that usually covers his left eye, and he's clean shaven. Even though he is only eighteen years old, he has a well built body, which is a result of years of hard work and training. He usually wears a black shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and some blue jeans. A golden guitar pick is always seen hanging from his neck, and he's also wearing a clock on his left hand and a ring on his right hand's middle finger.


  System: Tensai  

Disclaimer: Int he picture, the Ten ability has been set as Create, but it has been now switched to Control. The correct percentages will always be the ones in the template below.