"The 100th World Trinity Tournament! An event that allows every aspiring fighter to compete against others... Dreams of men cramped in one small arena, abilities that exceed imagination, people that are sure to change the world! All that is what this W.T.T. is all about! But can there be a Tournament without a prize?! Excluding world-wide reckognition and the chance to make connections with some of the world's most power and promosing figures, the winner will be given one chance at the pinacle of the Trinity System! That's right, the winner of this tournament will have the honour of taking a shot at an Overdrive User! Earth, Heaven or Void... Which one will you choose?!"

-Announcer's introduction words.

The 100th World Trinity Tournament is the greatest event of the age! People from all over the world gather here to battle, to test their skills and to prevail. They all have different aims, they all have had different lives up until now. However, this grand event will forever change the lives of those who participate...For better or worse.

The WTT takes place in Tokyo city. After the revelation of the Trinity System by the man known as the "Apocalypse", Japan was swarmed by aspiring people who figured that if there was one place where they had a chance at mastering this system, it would be the birthplace of so many martial arts schools and even more legends. Asia was generally swarmed with people from all over the globe, but Japan's culture, including the Anime-Manga industry, and the Samurai culture, appears to have attracted the most people. As such, the WTT will take place in Tokyo, in a special arena that has been built for this event! The Trinity Stage, as it is called, can house up to a million people at once, and has high-tech cameras all over the public places. Everything will be broadcast live all over the globe, and certain sponsors have made sure that there is no place on this world where this will not be viewed.

Organizing the event will be the World Trinity Federation, or the WTF, which was formed a year after the Revelation, as a try to control this new trend, and not allow it to turn on itself and bring humanity to its doom.

It is worthy to be noted that this is the 100th Tournament, even though the Trinity System has only been revealed to the public for 5 years. That is because the people who knew about the Trinity System for all these eons have organized yournaments like this for many years... Even the Olympic games in ancient Greece and the Colosieum fights in Rome were rumourede to have a Trinity Influence.

To participate, you only need to prove that you can use at least one aspect of the Trinity System : Chi, Ten or Ku!

Let the fights begin, and let them be epic! Let this be the grandest event humanity has ever seen!